Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Resume Trends


Here's some info on the latest resume trends...

  • Write a career summary that’s a snapshot of your career accomplishments.

  • Tell an employer about your strengths.

  • Use key words to show you have the qualifications and the personal qualities an employer is looking for.

    Showcase your accomplishments in a dynamic Career Summary:

    High octane Executive with 15 years experience marketing consumer products in the telecom industry producing $175 million in sales. As an outgoing, energetic thought leader, developed the knack of sizing up individuals and creating successful partnerships. Background in management, sales, engineering and technical knowledge of consumer products. As an Executive VP, manage a sales team of 250 and lead $200 multimillion dollar ad campaigns for products that sold RoboTV via the internet, newspapers and magazine articles. Handled all marketing campaigns for devices and marketing plans for brochures, flyers, web content. Direct maintenance and development of website and managed advertising campaigns with retail sales. Cultivate relationships with Press. Serve as point of contact. Lead briefings for events.

    To write an accomplishment oriented resume that focuses on different skills., match your skills with the appropriate work experience. Tell an employer what you’ve done as well as your accomplishment.

Below you’ll see a Job Title and a List of Skills. In another column, you’ll see accomplishments associated with a skill.



Manage- Managed 250 direct reports at xyz company
Finance- Added $20 million to the bottom line and saved the company $1M by changing suppliers
Train - Oversaw training of 150 sales reps at xyz company and increased sales by 20 percent
Leadership- Led seminar on emotional intelligence and increased performance by 30 percent

Technical Writer






Graphic Design

Write - Wrote three user manuals in two months
Design- Designed style sheet and format document
Edit- Edit text written by others
Interview- Interview managers and programmers to get information
Research - Researched information on the internet
Graphic Design - Created format, schematics, and drawings in Visio

Public Relations



Website administrator

Relationship guru


Supervise staff comprised of : Manager, Communications Manager, Creative Services, Webmaster AdministratorImplement marketing campaigns for publications.
Develop marketing plans for brochures, flyers, web content
Direct maintenance and development of website
Cultivate -relationships with press.


  • Limit your resume to the last 10 years of work experience

  • Become an expert in your field. Join a social networking group like Linked-in to write a profile and build contacts.

  • Join alumni organizations or groups in your field.

  • Comment on discussions, write articles, or refer articles by providing links to them.

  • If you have an interview don’t arrive more than 10 minutes early.

  • Research the company to find out how the market has affected the company.

  • Check press releases, annual reports, media coverage, media blogs and consult your network to learn about events and the corporate culture.

  • At the interview you must differentiate yourself like never before. Make yourself memorable. Know about the company products.

  • Wait until you’ve been offered the job before talking about money. Before research the average pay range in case you are forced to name your price.

  • After the interview, send a thank you note to the right person.

  • Wait a week before calling the company to see how you did, and always call the employer at the office.