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Botox Your Resume Into a Compelling Linkedin Profile

Botox is not just good for your face but now metaphorically, it can do wonders for your resume.

When creating a Linkedin digital profile, go beyond a resume facelift. Kill off the old hackneyed words and the outdated format. Turn your boring profile into a story about your personal brand.
A LinkedIn profile is a companion to a paper resume. The profile contains the following sections: a summary, experience, volunteer work, publications, skills, expertise, education and recommendations  and other information you’d like to showcase on-line.
Today's paper resumes are less in demand than an electronic version. While employers always require a detailed summary of the candidate's work history before making a final hiring decision, there has been a change in the last ten years now the recruiting process is on-line. At job fairs, company recruiters want an emailed copy of your resume not a white paper copy.

There is a certain art to creating a profile on-line. It has to be short, inclusive, laid-back, and contain compelling words to define your career story. With some work you can set- one- up that will expand your contacts and attract recruiters. First you must:

Create a Summary

A Linkedin summary is less formal than a traditional resume. The tone is friendly and the profile can be written in the first person. The reason for this is to create a kind of immediate rapport between the writer and reader.

In the profile of Tuffy P. Cat, included in this post, the summary section provides and overview of Tuffy’s abilities as a hunter and predator. Written in the first person in a colloquial and down to earth style, Tuffy shares his history and exploits as a mouser. After relating his mission, he reveals some techniques he’s uses to capture his prey as well as other skills. He mentions statistics and comparisons to build a case supporting his prowess and skills.

List Every Job In The Experience Section

Tuffy has worked at wordsmithing to turn his resume into a compelling profile. The titles of his jobs are rewritten to make them inspirational and compelling. He writes about each role he’s performed and mentions his accomplishments. The reason for including all his jobs is that leaving out early ones will prevent a search for former colleagues and he’ll miss the chance to reconnect with them. So you have the option to include them all—especially if you’d like to acknowledge different skills that are unlike what you do now.

In his profile, Taffy uses appropriate key words to attract recruiters who search for terms that match the job description. In the description of what he does as a mouser and rodent exterminator, reveals information about his role as a global trainer and coach. He tells about how many people he supervised and trained and how he helped grow the company. His profile is becoming a collection of cool things he’s done during his career

Include a Volunteer Section

Tuffy volunteered to teach these defensive training maneuvers to build his brand

Create a Specialty Section

Tuffy includes as many keywords as he can highlight what he does and so should you. Be sure to include keywords listed in your profile or you won't be found by recruiters who search resumes that match job descriptions. Target keywords that appear in scanned job postings, words and phrases that are listed in your industry or profession because these are often the terms that recruiters will search on.

Include Links to Your Publication or Blog

Under a heading called Publications individually list each separate article or blog to establish yourself as an instant expert in your field and invite comments. This is a good way to establish an audience and grow your network.

Building A Strong Network Of Connections

Tuffy discovered that LinkedIn search results don't work exactly the way a regular search engine does. Names and people who are immediately connected to his first degree and second-degree connections are displayed. These are beasts who know someone that he knew and then third-degree connections appear. He found that open networking is the way to go whether you know friends well or not because accepting those who want to join your network increases the number of connections that you have. If you reject everyone except good friends, Tuffy found out you will never expand your network.

Go Public

Linkedin allows you to control as much information that is inside your on-line profile. All recruiters and clients reviewed Tuffy’s profile via Google search since he set most of his profile to open. To change any areas from closed to open click on the edit profile tab and look for public profile. You always have the option to display what you want to share online.

Get Recommendations

LinkedIn displays recommendations that recruiters like to read, highlighting your skills and qualifications. Some write recommendations about themselves and allow the client to edit them because many don’t like to write. Performing volunteer work can be a good source of recommendations since you are doing tasks for free and it is unlike a paid service where the client may not want the world to know they got help from you.

Tuffy found that if he stayed active on the site post and regularly updated his status, contacts saw updates to their page. He used the site to research potential employers and networks to make new contacts. When recruiters and potential clients search for his name on Google, his LinkedIn profile is one of the first things that are displayed.

Tuffy P. Cat

Mouse & Extermination Expert

DC Metropolitan Area
Current Director of Special Rodent Extermination
Previous Rodent and Workplace Consultant

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My name is Tuffy, I’m a mouse and extermination expert. Talented at hunting and eradicating rodents from the workplace, barn, and basement, I started my career as a young kitten on a farm in North Carolina chasing and exterminating mice inside a large barn. As my skills and experience grew, so did my reputation. As time passed, my success rate jumped from kills of about 10 to 20% of the rodent and bird population per week. Although I sleep more than 50 percent of the time, when I’m working the night shift, I am very active. My mission is to rid the world of pesky rodents that terrify farm folk as well as sophisticated urbanites. I enjoy my work especially hunting and tracking and have developed many techniques for eliminating predators. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seek and destroy missions when through cunning; I am able to silence chattering, mocking, winged creatures. After testing their vulnerabilities when I get a chance I break their necks. Often, I proudly carry them around in my mouth displaying my handiwork. During my career, I have also trained and managed other animals teaching them the basics of urban warfare in the Middle East. My talents also extend to adding to my family and I have become a dad hundreds of times.

Capital building, Washington DC
November 2010 through May 2012 (two years)

Throughout my career, I’ve worked as a contractor on secret missions successfully monitoring areas during the night shift in the Capital building and the underground subway system. I’ve managed, secured and terminated large rats and other critters that hide near or inside the tunnels. After patrolling several blocks in a restricted area, I successfully exterminated 30% of the rodent population

"Tuffy is a very driven and determined Director who brings passion to his work as a Rodent Exterminator. His expertise in rodent seek and destroy missions is unmatched and his track record speaks for itself. He is known both nationally and internationally for his work with members of the armed forces and is a frequent advisor on eradication and surveillance issues. He is a tireless networker and an advocate for those looking to improve their career status. I highly recommend Tuffy as an experienced professional...and a great friend!” April 28 2011
Rupert Snow, General, US Army, Iraq


122 4th Street, Washington DC
November 2008 through May 2009 (two years)

During this job I left the country and began working as a mouser at the house of my new owner on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Soon I consumed over five rodents per day and achieved a 40% percent reduction in the mouse population. I earned house privileges for outstanding service after only two months on the job. When I worked the midnight shift, my duties included surveillance of the house, basement and attic, a combined territory of 30,000 square feet. Occasionally, my adventures included outdoor duty confronting huge nasty rats and would-be competitors. Consequently, I used techniques such as fence climbing, jumping and crying like a baby to deflect my adversaries


“Tuffy is the 'expert to go to' for anyone wanting to rid their basement or barn of loathsome rats and other pests. I have recommended clients to him without hesitation. With his years of experience, professionalism and easy-to-work with personality, it's easy to see why he is the mouse and bird extermination 'guru'.
Marc Z. Goeky, Special Forces, Navy Seals

GLOBAL TRAINER & COACH for Kittywater Inc.
Iraq & Afghanistan

November 2007 through June 2005 (two years)

While providing training and coaching to 50 or more cats in the Middle East, I successfully developed strategies and techniques for ambushing, intimidating and confronting the enemy while accompanying my owner. I brought aggressive well trained fighters into the company and increased the bottom line by 40%. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated sophisticated neck breaking and head bashing techniques and created several workshops on these topics to train new recruits. In addition, I’ve been honored for my claw sharpening on trees skills and attacking abilities, that far surpassing ninja knife sharpening methods practiced by my foreign competitors.


“Tuffy is an accomplished professional. He is involved and energetic. A great fence jumper and idea generator and willing to work tirelessly to meet objectives. Also, quite an entertainer.” November 1, 2009
James Washington., Community Organizer, Washingon, DC
Casar, North Carolina
September 2005 through March 2005 (seven months)

I started training for my career as a young kitten at Blueberry farm in North Carolina chasing and exterminating mice inside a large barn. As time passed, my success rate jumped from managing kills from about 10 to 20% of the rodent and bird population per week. One of my favorite strategies was mounting the hay stacks and pouncing on an unsuspecting mouse or terrorizing the bats above the rafters. For these acts of bravery, I was rewarded with a yearly supply of catnip.

Casar, North Carolina

July 2003 through December 2004

I  spent my time as a young kitten playing war games with my five brothers and sisters learning pouncing and leaping techniques as well as survival and hunting skills from my mother.


These articles by Tuffy P. Cat appeared in The Black Cat Blog

Secrets of a Champion Mouser
Engaging the Enemy, The True Story Of My Rodent Exploits In Iraq
Multiple Streams of Feline Income
Truculence in the barn yard, Tips on Exterminating Rats


Certification from Cat Masters University, Charlotte, NC June 2004
Graduated with a black belt from Kitty Foo Academy, Iraq July 2007


Member of Who’s Who in Feline Mrcenaries

Won the gold for fence jumping hijacks and the loudest purr at the Pussy Olympics


• Purring ability • Cuddliness • Confidence • Independence • Adaptability

• Surveillance • Killing • Hunting • Managing • Training


Directed a popular class on mouse skull bashing and bird warfare January 2010