Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to Write a Profile for Your Business


You can showcase your purpose and strength of your company in a business profile. Your profile is like a resume for your business. It’s crucial to building your marketing visibility and letting the reader know exactly what your business does. You can mail your business profile, fax it, upload it to the net, or add it to your website as a marketing tool

You can hand carry it to sellers with a cover letter or mail it to out of town owners or financial people with copies of your testimonials. The business profile is key to selling the services of your business. It’s a sales document that provides a way to show value to a seller, private lender or institution that know virtually nothing about your company.


Develop a hook or lead to draw the reader in to make them want to read more about your businesss·

Discuss how long you’ve been in business and what the business does
· Champion the services you provide and the clients you serve
· Describe the mission of your businesses and goals
· State how many houses you’ve sold and the money you’ve made
· List your telephone, address, and website

How do you build a profile? Begin with a hook or lead to interest the reader in finding out more about your business. List the services you provide. Next, tell what your business does. As a wholesaler, for example, you may be in charge of managing the following sequence of invents: finding properties, researching them, estimating rehab costs, acting as a trouble shooter when negotiating with the seller, and clearing up title problems.

Quality Service since 1992”

The competitive edge that investors look for in planning renovation of undervalued properties is available at Stanford Real Estate Enterprises Inc, located in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. This wholesaling enterprise manages the process of finding distressed properties and works with a network of rehabbers, private lenders and institutions to renovate and restore them to the market place. Stanford Real Estate troubleshoots problems caused by neglect, structural damage, clouded titles and urban blight. Properties that were once eye sores and havens for crime are targeted for rehabilitated. After restoration, they provide tax revenue for the community as well as improve the neighborhood.

A winning situation is created for everyone. Sellers are able restart their life with credit and cash in their pocket. And through team efforts the property can be returned to circulation in the real estate market. Stanford provides outstanding service as change agents for residential properties. During the past ten years, this wholesaling company has been instrumental in restoration of over 10,000 properties in the Washington Metropolitan area with earnings of 3 million dollars per year.

Stanford Real Estate builds relationships with rehabbers, lenders, and title companies, providing jobs while improving the community. Through knowledge and experience, this business solves tough, complex problems that evolve when dealing with distressed sellers and older properties. Proud of its reputation, Stanford Real Estate Enterprises has built a reputation based on integrity, dedication and a 100 percent track record of problem resolution. Call for an appointment today at 202 244-0479 or contact us at our website at Stanford Real Estate

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