Friday, January 29, 2010

Surviving Mentally After a Layoff

Here are some tips to stay focused:

• Write a list of your goals for the year.

• Make yourself more valuable now and in the future by taking courses or learning new material from the internet and library.

• Keep up with social marketing and blogs in your industry.

• Start exercising regularly

• Read a best seller and keep current with the news so you have something to talk about that isn’t focused on you.

• Build an attractive resume website.

• Call old contacts and tell them about your plans.

• If starting a business find a mentor. Explain your goals and ask them if they will help you define them. Start with SBA’s Score.

• Have lunch with someone new

• Improve your speaking skills by joining Toast Masters

• Develop an elevator speech and go to several networking activities a month

• Earn income as an adjunct teacher through a college or adult education program.

• Develop outside income through freelancing or by teaching a skill.

• Search for a job boards through Google and post your resume

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