Sunday, January 9, 2011

Opportunity in Professional Career Program

by Barbara LaBier

Although Victor made a six figure income on Wall Street in the past as an analyst, the reality of the expiration of unemployment benefits made him ready to compromise and apply for a lower level job government job. He left New York and moved in with his mother in Baltimore. Instead of targeting a GS-14 position, he applied for jobs as the GS-11 level to hopefully get his foot in the door. He needed help with his resume and guidance about the Washington job scene.

Another client Robert, in his mid thirties decided he was willing to trade large bonuses as a contractor that he’d received in the banking industry for stability and security at Homeland Security. Robert had worked as a loan officer for 7 years and was recently laid off. Applying for a government job was not his first choice but gradually after confronting the lack of jobs in this economy, security and working for the government became more important.

Luckily, he discovered e a small number of Contract Specialist positions available in selected component regional offices. However, no regional field offices were accepting applications. It was not any government job that he was seeking but one as a Contract Specialist with a starting salary of $42,209. If accepted into the Acquisition Professional Career program (APCP), he would become a full-time employee at a GS-7 level. He would then be appointed to three one-year rotational assignments in DC. After completing the program, his salary and responsibilities would rocket up a GS-13, $89,033-$115,742 per year. He would have the chance to become a sought-after expert in the field of Acquisition and a potential leader in the government.

The Professional Career Program (APCP) gives participants the opportunity to work in one of six career fields within in the Department of Acquisition. During a three year period, there is training available as a Contract Specialist Program Manager, Systems Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Logistician or Information Technology Specialist. Robert decided to apply for a job as a Contract Specialist which had duties similar to a system or requirement analyst.. I tailored his resume translating his excellent financial and real estate experience into skills that he could use to apply for many jobs along with a cover letter that highlighted his skills as s Contract Specialist. The application for this job requires a corporate style resume or US Jobs completed form that could be filled out on line. The candidates who are part of this program receive certifications within their career field that are recognized across the Federal government, as well as leadership and management training. Here are the nine agencies that have the same type of program

• Federal Emergency Management Agency • Transportation Security Administration
• U.S. Coast Guard • U.S Custom and Boarder Protection
• Immigration and Customs Enforcement
• U.S. Secret Service
• Federal Law Enforcement Training Center • Office of Procurement Operations
• Office of Selective Acquisitions

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