Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does Mailing Your Resume Make Sense?

By Barbara LaBier

While everyone in the world is sending their resume over the internet, a contrarian may be sending  his by old fashioned snail mail. Some people actually use snail mail to send their resume and it works if you apply the proper strategy. The best results come from a tailored resume that addresses a specific employer in the cover letter. Nothing gets attention more than saying “I want to work for you.” And it doesn’t matter how you send the resume say career experts.

Others for example, use a three pronged approach to get attention by starting with voice email. If you know the name of the hiring manager leave a voice mail to let them know you mailed your resume. Next, send a fax with a cover letter noting on the cover page that you sent your resume and cover letter both ways by mail and by fax. This works best with small companies who are less likely to have a sophisticated HRIS system that can slow down your job campaign.

Key to this technique is to know who the boss is. You send an InMail via Linkedin or if you have the title and address of the hiring manager send your resume in a Priority US Mail by special delivery the most cost effect way to send your job related materials.

Never use mass mailing according to experienced career coaches, because statistics demonstrate that the chance for success is very small and the resume can not be targeted to all the jobs descriptions.

However, targeted mailing works if you know the name of the potential hiring manager. If this is the case, send then your resume and cover letter. Another tip is not to send it to (whom it many concern) because it will never get to the right person. Next, call the hiring manager within three days to determine interest. This proactive approach can be a dynamite strategy that can gain an employers interest in you 15 seconds after they open the envelope!

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