Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Golden Rules to Increase Your Salary in 2010

By Barbara LaBier

Believe it or not salaries will actually do more than double in 2010. Since in 2009, they hit a historic low of 2.1 percent and one-third of all companies froze raises!
By 2010, salaries are projected to rise to 4 per cent a year according to a survey of employers conducted by WorldatWork, a global human resources association.
However, jobs don’t usually recover in sync with the economy. Some employers plan to use raises as a carrot to motivate and retain talent but not for everyone. They plan to give out raises based on performance. Some will get bigger salaries and others will get none according to WorldatWork experts.

Here are some tips for getting rewards

Do your job well – Optimize your efforts by doing your job professionally. Produce high quality work.

Be visible – Don’t try to hide because you believe if you disappear you won’t get on the layoff list. This is faulty logic because when it comes to recognition if no one thinks about you, no one will know what you’ve done.

Help out your boss – If you don’t know how just ask. Show a good attitude by offering to do chores.

Ask for a raise – Tell your boss what you’ve done and how it fits in with your department’s goals and why you deserve an increase. If the answer is no ask what you can do to improve your performance and don’t give up.

Excerpted from Margaret Steen’s article “Companies Cautiously Prepare to Raise Salaries.” and an employee survey at

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